Llamar a función en interrupción de programa en Python


Jul. 1, 2016

python módulos

Será verdad eso de que Python "viene con pilas incluidas". Nunca pensé que hubiese un módulo para ejecutar funciones cuando el programa se interrumpe. ¡Pero lo hay!

El módulo en cuestión se llama atexit y lo he llegado a usar para borrar los directorios temporales que he creado durante la ejecución del programa.

import atexit

temp_directories = []

def clean():
    import shutil
    [shutil.rmtree(d) for d in temp_directories]


Tal y como se puede leer en la documentación, también lo podemos usar pasándole argumentos posicionales y parámetros.

import atexit

def goodbye(name, message='Goodbye, {}!'):

atexit.register(goodbye, 'Nekmo', '¡Adiós, {}!')

O usarlo como un decorador.

import atexit

def goodbye():
    print "Hasta la vista!."


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 A crucial part of your juicing program needs to be suitable dental care. Fresh fruit acid and sweets can soften or perhaps erode your teeth enamel. Attempt to include liquid into your dental timetable by enjoying the liquid a few momemts just before your day scrubbing. This may also offer you a healthy jump start in your day.
There are several charge cards offering advantages exclusively for receiving a charge card with them. Even if this must not only make your decision to suit your needs, do pay attention to these kinds of gives. I'm confident you would a lot quite use a card that provides you income back again than the usual cards that doesn't if all the other terms are near simply being a similar.
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 Don't reside in constant suffering due to allergies! Try to increase your lifestyle so you could possibly almost overlook your allergies by looking at all the suggestions over these articles. They are a great way to reduce the effects that you simply will really feel from allergies and stay outdoors and productive.Caffeine Information and facts For Convenient Purchasing And Preparing
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 An incredible suggestion for utilizing your phone is always to purchase some type of app that may help you locate restaurants near where you are. There is actually an app accessible which will randomly mention a nearby restaurant as outlined by what you devote like mexican meals, italian, or whatever you want.
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 An effective individual personal bankruptcy idea would be to naturally be as genuine as is possible when you file for bankruptcy. Some people attempt to take advantage of the method by committing a bankruptcy proceeding fraudulence, but they overlook that by putting your signature on the dotted line, they're under oath. You don't want to deal with the implications of bankruptcy scams.
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 If you're planning on becoming pregnant, giving up smoking now. Cigarette smoking is harming in your health, but even more so to your unborn infant. Cigarette smoking can result in premature labour and reduced birth weight loads also. There are several programs around to help you. Look for 1 out before you become pregnant.
 Something that can be done, to get slow getting older, is usually to stay away from sugar. It is well known that sugar is probably the direct factors behind ageing and also by avoiding it, you will considerably enhance your life-time. Try to help remind oneself of the truth, when sweet candy and desserts are getting in touch with your own name.
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 Provide to help using the day-to-day work or pursuits of somebody with many forms of cancer. Remedy is definitely an stressful approach, but by simply making a dinner or performing someone's washing is actually a gift that they may enjoy greatly. Don't simply make a hazy supply to aid, provide them with a particular day and time that you simply may come more than.
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 Buy all home staples in bulk, when possible. Although you may have to pay a compact every year cost to become a participant in your nearby dealer, you can expect to help save quite a lot more money over time. This is particularly well suited for homeowners with young children. Maintain stocks of economy size baby diapers, freezing foods, and document products.
Should you suffer from the candida albicans, try to stay away from wearing a bathing suit as much as possible. This will can make your infection much even worse. In the event you have to put on one, keep it dry as possible, and should you do get drenched be sure you change into anything dried up without delay.
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 To conclude, if you desired to increase your individual natural and organic backyard garden, but didn't know a lot about how to begin, you must now have an idea of what it takes to cultivate 1. If you have any longer concerns to what to complete, there is a ton of details on the web, just hanging around to get go through.Make The Wedding party Perfect Using Our Tips
Possibly the best way of getting your the teeth whiter is actually by browsing your dentist. Due to the fact some property goods may not be suitable for you, dental practitioners can present you with tooth bleaching and also other tactics which can be more potent. This might need you heading for longer than one dental treatment method.
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 Like a protective evaluate, some ladies who are genetically predisposed to breast cancers, may have a mastectomy. Chemo is normally capable of get rid of cancerous cellular material, additionally it has an effect on standard cellular material leading to anemia, hairloss along with other side effects. Hormonal treatment can often cause some types of cancers to regress. New remedies are getting explored and produced with a steady time frame.Look At These Pointers If You Are Looking At Acquiring Real-estate
Even though hitting the gym regularly is essential to maintaining your fitness level as you era. It is very important keep in mind that your whole body is additionally more and more vunerable to electricity. Starting to warm up and cooling straight down prior to deciding to work out is a straightforward approach to protect against electricity and safeguard your heart while increasing your overall flexibility.
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 When you have a problem which you can't track down, make sure to close your drinking water away from with the road. Many people are informed about the water shutoff valves beneath the sink, yet, if your problem is beneath that device, switching it well won't allow you to. By switching the water away in the neighborhood, you will be certain that the problem ceases when you are mending it.
To help keep clients from looking out of your texts, stay consistent! Make sure they know how many times you'll deliver communications, when you'll give them, and don't deviate from that. When buyers know when your information are coming, they're prone to look ahead to them, and fewer likely to be irritated by them.
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 When it comes to depression look at searching for the help of professionals as a way to assist you to. This is significant to consider because you are not able to constantly management everything in your life and you might struggle to resolve almost everything oneself. Take into account going to a specialist to get your way of life straightened out.
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 One simple suggestion to manage your eyes because they grow older is to use a compress for five minutes, made from a washcloth wrung in boiling water. The compress will very clear your vision of "sleeping" and also other microbe fabric that will bring about eye infections and conditions as you age.
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 You need to take into account laser light hair repair if you find the hair dropping out. It really is a secure method to get your own hair back and it likewise can make new locks bigger and thicker. This treatment functions by your health-care professional or medical professional employing a very low levels, infra-red laser light gentle on your own head that promotes hair to develop.
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 Heat and light-weight treatment can occasionally be utilized properly to deal with acne. This procedure involves applying strong heating towards the epidermis, while also employing a powerful light source. This process clears the skin of microorganisms and decreases how big some glands too. The process need to just be performed by an authorized Skin specialist.
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 Make small enhancements to your property prior to itemizing it out there. A residence that has been maintained effectively shows you have carried out the job essential to retain the house in wonderful issue as you lived inside it. When the residence displays sign of overlook, it could deter the purchaser from building a good supply.
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 If you are travelling on a cruise liner, make an effort to chat with other travellers while in formal dishes. Most vessels will place you with a major table with some folks that you don't know. Have fun and talk to anyone that you simply fulfill. You'll be seeing them daily, and you may learn some things in regards to the dispatch along the way.
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 Make use of your viewers to acquire information for your personal e-mails. Once your visitors request you query, this makes wonderful fodder for a potential e mail. Responding to readers questions in notifications with this style also helps make your potential customers really feel more important, as you dedicate part of your newsletter just to them. Use a conventional Q And A format, or simply state that an end user asked you that issue and give the best solution.
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 Buy clothes that advertise 1 hour-cup shape. Irrespective of what the decade, that womanly outline for you is timeless and also stylish. This is the reason actresses like Marilyn Monroe continue to be regarded wonderful despite having the newest version trend towards lengthy and lanky ladies. Contours will always be in since it signifies femininity and fertility.
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 In case you are concerned with, or experiencing hair loss, stay away from property long-lasting kits leaving that process to the professionals. Permanent surf could add curl, amount and fullness to straight, fine and thinning hair, nevertheless the substances concerned may cause comprehensive hair thinning if kept in a long time or employed wrongly.
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 An excellent home schooling organization you should sign up for is HSLDA. Though membership charges you $7 each month, the price is worth it. In case the Table of Training were to ever contact you in relation to your home schooling, becoming part of HSLDA will definitely stay in your favour. Moreover, the HSLDA web site will provide you with information about your state's homeschooling laws.
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 You should in no way go inexpensive on kitchen kitchen cabinetry. The fee for quality case job can feel sharp at the beginning, but remember that your particular units will experience great quantities of neglect as well as failure will be a essential one particular. In federal government real estate jobs, one of the most great-good quality internal devices, is truly the kitchen cabinetry. That is certainly how important sturdiness and high quality building is in relation to drawer operate.
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 If you are inside a roommate situation you have to have all things in writing that obviously says what is predicted of each man or woman as far as rent payments and charges is involved. This will be handy if somebody attempts to shift out without having to pay all they are accountable for.
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 Simply because you might be getting older doesn't mean you need to just unwind and take it easy. To keep good health, you need to continue being as energetic as you possibly can. Certain, you could be unable to just go and race within a marathon, nevertheless, you continue to can combine some process into you daily activities. It is suggested which you consist of a minimum of thirty minutes of exercise every day. You could possibly might take a 15-min stroll twice daily. Dust particles away from that older bike and require a drive round the local community.
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 Make your place of work arranged to help keep your mind and lifestyle to be able, as well. Having the capacity to find required documentation, or some computer hardware that you've put in a drawer is important to help keep your time facial lines in check. Practically nothing could make you skip a deadline a lot more than not being able to find the sources you want.
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 Ringing in ears retraining treatment (TRT) has helped many people function, even with extreme tinnitus. The designed purpose of this kind of therapy is producing your ringing in the ears bearable enough to resist. The intention this is rid you of the idea that ringing in ears is simply a every day reality. Whenever you can figure out how to maintain tinnitus from as being a obstacle to the day to day activities, you will find a much more fulfilling daily life.
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 Steer clear of anti--aging cosmetic products. Merchandise intended for older pores and skin are generally filled with heavy skin oils as the elderly often have dry skin. For those who have acne breakouts-prone pores and skin, these oils will block the skin pores and trigger further acne breakouts outbreaks. Contra --getting older cosmetic products also normally contain effective chemical compounds which can irritate present acne.
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 Try to eat far more meals with flavonoids. Meals with flavonoids can help you to keep the memory space from deteriorating. Including food products like, grapes, fruits, teas simply leaves, cocoa beans and hops. These flavonoids will encourage the expansion of new neurons within the mind and increase circulation of blood. This will help to improve bear in mind interesting things and keep that details.
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 Before starting working with a real-estate dealer, ensure you have the same targets. A true estate firm's welfare may be to have you get house that may be hard to promote, or to perhaps you have go away in the marketplace entirely. Make sure you want the same thing, and conduct a history review the company you are considering dealing with.
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